The Slipform Technology

Slipform technology is at the forefront of modern construction, offering a seamless and efficient method for constructing high-rise concrete structures. With over 80 years of experience, Bygging-Uddemann stands as a global leader. Our proficiency in slipforming has enabled us to undertake significant projects across more than 100 countries.

The essence of slipform technology lies in its continuous pouring of concrete into a moving form. This method not only ensures the creation of robust structures without joints but also accelerates the construction process. Whether it’s tall structures like skyscrapers or foundations like caissons, slipforming is usually both the fastest and most economical construction method.

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At Bygging-Uddemann, our advanced slipform technology revolutionizes construction.
Seamlessly building structures worldwide, we blend efficiency with excellence.
Traditional, concical & gantry

Our slipforming techniques are undoubtedly the fastest and most economical construction methods available for high-rise concrete structures. 

Lifting and lowering of heavy loads

We supply hydraulic jacks to cope with the heavi­est of loads such as flue pipes, formwork structures, heavy machinery, cranes, and bridges.

Horizontal transfer of heavy loads

We’ve recently developed a safe and efficient method for horizontal transfer of heavy structures. This method, which has already met with great success, is based on a combination of heavy lifting with hydraulic jacks and skidding technique.

Constructions of steel tanks

The steel tank erection set-up is a very cost-efficient way of constructing large-volume cisterns and has been developed from our knowledge of controlled heavy lifting technique with hydraulic jacks.


Bygging-Uddemann is a world leader in slipforming technonlogy for construction of high-rise and serial production of concrete structures. In the last 80 years we have built high-profile projects in over 100 countries. We are also leaders in steel tank erection, hydraulic lifting and transfer of heavy loads. Based in Sweden, Bygging-Uddemann has associated companies and partners throughout the world.

We have developed systems, methods, and equipment for clients all over the world. Bygging-Uddemann has representatives and local offices in over 20 countries.

Like our customers we are fast moving, entrepreneurial and international.

Our Projects

We have accomplished projects in more than 100 countries and we have technical solutions to cope
with any climate condition. Take a look of some of our projects around the world!


During the Paris climate conference in 2015, the member states of the UN General Assembly adopted the historic resolution Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. The resolution contains 17 goals and 169 targets that private companies can use to frame their sustainability work in the coming years. Bygging-Uddemann works actively towards this and supports the ambitions to achieve the goals in our business and in our value chain.

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