Heavy Duty Slipform

Bygging-Uddemann’s Heavy Duty Slipform Set-up is developed to be extra rigid and at the same time very time efficient for repeated dismantling and re-assembly works.

This set-up allows for large cast-in items, as the distance between yokes are up to 3,5m, instead of more common 1,5-2m distance. The heavy duty yokes, with clearance of 1100mm for horizontal installation of rebar, provides a very efficient and convenient workplace for concrete and reinforcement workers.

The Heavy Duty Slipform set-up use our strongest slipform jack, the R72 (22-ton jack) which can be positioned almost anywhere due to a very strong upper deck structure which support the complete slipform. Instead of having to position one (or two) jack(s) at each yoke position, as with traditional slipform set-up.

The slipform set-up is developed for high-rise projects as it can carry a lot of extra load together with the slipform. Such as winches, concrete booms, cranes and lots of stored reinforcement compare with traditional slipform.
As the number of jacks are reduced with almost 80% due to the high capacity it will also reduce time required for operation (less adjustments, maintenance, number of hydraulic components, less number of jack tubes to be recovered, etc).

This set-up is also very suitable for caisson projects with 1-30 Nos caissons. For projects with more than 30-40 Nos caissons we normally recommend our Gantry Slipform set-up instead.