Steel Tank

Our steel tank erection set-up consist of following parts:

  • Lifting trestles
  • Guide trestles
  • Hydraulic climbers
  • Hydraulic power pack

The method is based upon the principle that – after the tank bottom is first laid out – construction starts with the tank roof and the top shell assembly, all at foundation level. This completed upper part of the tank is then lifted by tank jacks mounted on lifting trestles, positioned inside and along the circular wall.

When the upper part is lifted to the height of one tier of plates a new tier is welded underneath the first one. This procedure is repeated until the tank has reached its full height.

The advantages of the Bygging-Uddemann method:

  • Welding work takes place at ground level.
  • Welds are easily accessible for inspection.
  • Since the roof construction is fixed to the top shell plate from the beginning, the entire cistern is provided with wind-load stability throughout the erection work.
  • The guide trestles stabilize the cistern at the bottom and keep it circular.
  • No erection scaffolding is required.
  • Work carried out at groung level provides the greatest safety.
  • The jacking equipment is dismantled.

Lifting Trestle

Height: 4 m
Lifting Height: 2.5-3 m
Height of steel plate: 2.5-3 m
Lifting capacity: 12 tons
Max. spac. between trestles: 5 m

2510-35 Jack

Capacity: 12 Tons
Length of Stroke: 100 mm
Jack Rod Dia: 35×35 mm
Steel Wire Rope: –