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With a history stretching back to the early 1940-ies, and with projects performed in most part of the world we have a long legacy of undertake challenging projects.

Over the last decade we have delivered our services and equipment to several significant infrastructure projects around the world such as the Tuas Mega Port Project” in Singapore – which will become one of the largest container terminal in the world – the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge”, the 3rd bridge over Bosphorus Straits – it’s up there with the highest, longest and widest combined stay cable and suspension bridge in the world connecting Asia with Europe.

Up to 70% time reduction with our slipform innovations

With our unique technology combined with our on-site services we have managed to develop equipment and solutions to our clients within the construction market that can save up to 70% of the total construction time, compared with traditional techniques.

For multi-billion dollar projects, saving construction time is of highest importance, and as our equipment comes together with an increased level of safety as well we can with confidence that our slipform and skidding products have become the key factors to ensure a successful project.

In order to maintain our position as the world leader of the slipform technology and skidding system we are now also entering a new arena for Bygging-Uddemann with focus on the international off-shore wind industry, completely in line with our new green profile and climate ambitions.

Pioneering the future: Bygging-Uddemann to Build world’s first energy island

As the first project within this new promising business segment, we were last year awarded the contract for supplying our serial production system (slipform and skidding system) for the construction of the world’s first energy island, the “Princess Elisabeth Island” outside the coast of Belgium.
This artificial energy island will become the center hub for future off-shore projects in the North Sea.

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