Mega Gantry Slipform

Our latest big venture. We are aiming at guaranteeing the on-time and on-budget delivery of concrete floaters for offshore wind, building on existing and proven construction methods. With our Mega Gantry System, we can offer slipform operations with truss spans up to 65 meters. 

The background to our investment in the Mega gantry slipform system is the fast-accelerating need of commercial-scale solutions for floating wind.

When we studied the numbers of floating offshore wind to be constructed within the next 10-15 years, and the option of making these floating structures in concrete, we realized a new potential application for our established and well proven Gantry Slipform production set-up.

However, in many cases, the size of the concrete floater design, requires our current systems to be scaled up. This requires a stronger gantry structure and efficiencies for, for example, reinforcement and concrete delivery.

After solid development work, we are now very confident that we have the best package in terms of time and budget available on the market. Our Mega gantry slipforming solution will be easily implementable by all the leading construction companies across the globe. This will enable us to offer a serial construction method to meet tomorrow’s project needs.


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