Gantry Slipform

Bygging-Uddemann has been set up for the marketing of one of the most advanced slipforming equipment and technology. Our standard Gantry Slipform System has truss spans of between 18 and 35 meters.

Advantages with our gantry slipform system:

  • No need for continuous dangerous dismantling- and assembly works for formwork and workdecks.
  • Rigid workdecks, handrailing and safety nets can be installed permanently from the very beginning.
  • Permanent access stairs can be installed in gantry.
  • All electrical lines, lights and electrical tools/machinery can be installed properly from start.
  • Weather protection (wind, sun & rain) can easily be provided.
  • Large and convenient storing facilities (reinforcement, etc.)
  • Easy access for workers to install reinforcement and pouring concrete.

Scope of supply:

  • Complete gantry with towers and roof (optional)
  • Complete slipform set-up:
  • Hydraulic system with 42 ton UD jacks
  • Steel slipform shutters
  • Heavy duty yokes
  • Upper slipform deck trusses
  • Engineering and design of locally manufactured items
  • Assistance in planning and concrete technology

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