Slipform solutions

Slipforming is a construction technique used to create continuous, seamless concrete structures. The process involves a movable formwork system that is gradually moved upward as the concrete cures, allowing for the construction of tall and uniform structures. Our proficiency in slipforming has enabled us to undertake significant projects across more than 100 countries.

Our Services

At Bygging-Uddemann, our advanced slipform solutions revolutionizes construction.
Seamlessly building structures worldwide, we blend efficiency with excellence.
Gantry slipforming solutions with conventional techniques

Slipform solutions are undoubtedly the fastest and most economical construction methods available for high-rise concrete structures.

Concrete floaters for offshore wind built on proven construction methods

We are aiming at guaranteeing the on-time and on-budget delivery of concrete floaters for offshore wind, building on existing and proven construction methods. With our Mega Gantry System, we can offer slipform operations with truss spans up to 65 meters.

Extra rigid and time efficient slipform set-ups. For repeated dismantling and re-assembly works

This set-up allows for large cast-in items, as the distance between yokes are up to 3,5m, instead of more common 1,5-2m distance. The heavy duty yokes, with clearance of 1100mm for horizontal installation of rebar, provides a very efficient and convenient workplace for concrete and reinforcement workers.

Conical slipform solution made by Bygging Uddemann
Market leading slipforming equipment and technology.

With the application of our slipforming system tapered, conical reinforced concrete structures can be built, whose cross-section or a part of their cross-section varies continuously along the height of the building. Wall thickness may also vary in a similar way.

Construction with traditional slipform made by Bygging Uddemann
Slipform construction is a construction method for tall structures

Our traditional slipform system uses hydraulic jacks or a combination of slipforming and heavy lifting systems where beams, tower cranes or similar are lifted together with the slipform. As most of our fleet is based mainly on traditional slipforming, we can deliver all components and equipment on very short notice.

Our Slipform Projects

We have accomplished projects in more than 100 countries and we have technical solutions to cope
with any climate condition. Take a look of some of our projects around the world!