Heavy Lifting

Specialized heavy lifting equipment for the industry

Heavy lifting plays a pivotal role in construction and maintenance projects.

With over 75 years of designing and manufacturing heavy lifting equipment, Bygging-Uddemann offers comprehensive systems that provide the highest level of efficiency, safety, and reliability. Our heavy lifting equipment in construction and expertise have made us a front-running heavy lift company.

Our specialized heavy lifting equipment is capable of lifting virtually any large and heavy components with a high degree of precision. The unique equipment always comes with a feasibility study, help for assembly work, and training and management of the customer’s crew.
Advantages of our heavy lifting equipment in construction

We supply all heavy lifting equipment in construction to handle all different types of heavy loads. These loads include equipment in construction, heavy vehicles and machinery, industrial heavy lifting, plumbing pipes, bridge structures, and formwork. Our climbing jacks can handle extremely heavy loads in relation to their size.

At the core of Bygging-Uddemann heavy lifting equipment are the rod climbers. These jacks are small and light, but they are extremely flexible and capable of handling super heavy loads. The strand climbers are primarily used where flexible and easily customizable equipment is required. They are probably the lightest heavy lifting equipment in construction.

Our lifting method consists of connecting the climbers into heavy lifting systems that are designed to lift loads automatically.

Maximum safety

Lifting and handling heavy loads is a complex process that comes with some risk. We understand the importance of ensuring safety from the beginning to the end of this process and so our heavy lifting equipment in construction is made in a way that ensures maximum safety.

The hydraulic heavy lifting equipment is connected to a control and monitoring system. The system is perfect for providing a safe lifting method and a safe working environment for the workers. In addition to safety, the system also has other big merits; it’s easy to control and it comes in a compact size.

Unsafe processes hinder efficiency substantially. A system that ensures maximum safety helps to save time when undertaking construction, upgrades, or expansions. With over seven decades of experience and expertise in the heavy lifting field, our equipment is optimized to provide unsurpassed safety.

Tailor-made heavy lifting

Each heavy lifting project has its own unique characteristics, requiring different types of lifting equipment in construction. It’s important to use solutions that are tailored to the elements of each project. Our systems can always be customized according to each project’s needs and the work site.

Heavy lifting in a bridge project
Heavy lifting in a bridge project

Different heavy lifting equipment’s by Bygging-Uddemann

Using the right heavy lifting equipment is vital for any work that involves heavy lifting. Traditional heavy lifting methods that use cranes and loaders may still be common in the construction industry, but they are not necessarily the best. Contemporary heavy lifting methods utilizing rod and strand climbers as lifting equipment in construction can get the work done in a superior way that’s faster, safer, and more cost-effective.

Bygging-Uddemann is one of the industry’s leading heavy lift companies, providing lifting equipment in construction that offers all the essential elements of good heavy lifting solutions. Not only is our heavy lift equipment effective, but it is also flexible, efficient, safer, and user-friendly. You don’t have to go through arduous or even tedious processes to set up the equipment. With just the push of a button, our heavy lifting equipment will automatically lift your load with the right speed, pressure, and flow.

Our system is suitable for all types of heavy lifting where efficiency, agility, and unparalleled precision are required. The system can get the job done well for practically all kinds of heavy loads.

A top heavy lift company

At Bygging-Uddemann we offer heavy lifting equipment and machinery both for sale and hire. With companies in over 30 countries working under the Bygging-Uddemann license, we will provide heavy lifting solutions and technology that is customized to your specific needs and goals. All our heavy lifting supply solutions offer the highest possible precision and safety that is trusted by many companies

What are tools and lifting equipment?

Tools for lifting are equipment for lifting or lowering loads, including persons, and tools used to anchor, fix or support it.

We offer hydraulic lifting equipment consisting of hydraulic lifters and hydraulic pumps, connected to a control and monitoring system. Our equipment is capable of handling extremely heavy loads and is perfect for all kinds of heavy lifting projects.

How do you lift heavy objects in construction?

There are numerous options available for lifting heavy objects on the market, but depending on the task to be done, some are better suited than others. Our lifting method consists of connecting “small” hydraulic climbers into heavy lifting systems. Our systems can always be adapted to the circumstances of the work site. Heavy lifting machines, such as cranes, require a lot of space and cannot always reach the object to be lifted.

Our climbers are not only flexible with high capacity in relation to their size, they are also extremely user-friendly. With a touch of your finger, they automatically lift your load with exactly the right pressure and flow.

What are some examples of lifting equipment?

There are numerous types of different lifting equipment that all have their advantages, disadvantages, and specific areas of application such as forklifts, cranes, hydraulic elevators, rod climbers, and strand climbers.