Our organization is divided into the following departments:

Sales department – Stockholm – Sweden

Handles quotation work and contracts on all markets for rental and/or sales of slipform, heavy-lift, tank erection and bridge construction equipment with design, site supervision and training services or complete subcontracting for such projects.

Finance department – Stockholm – Sweden

Manages the economy and works with accounting, reporting, financial statements and invoice management.

Production unit – Borlänge – Sweden

Workshop for the manufacture, repair, maintenance and testing of all our hydraulic and mechanical components and equipment.

Design department – Stockholm – Sweden

Design, instructions, project proposals, operational descriptions, site organization and scheduling using the latest versions of CAD and structural analysis program available.

Field supervision and training unit

Multilingual, highly skilled and experienced engineers and operators willing and eager to adapt to any local condition anywhere in the world.

Information and training unit

Technical lectures at symposiums for individual companies, exhibitions, special courses, articles in technical publications and market research.

Research and Development team

Feed-back from the field, demands from customers and new ideas are gathered and processed by our production and design engineers leading to new inventions and continuous improvement of our systems and its components.

Nos of employees, financial status

Within the associated companies incorporated in the Bygging-Uddemann Group and its partners throughout the world we have a total staff of approximately 150 Nos employees out of which 25 Nos are highly specialized designers and project managers located in the Swedish organization.

Bygging-Uddemann has a history of financial solidity and was recently recognized as one of the 30th most successful companies in Sweden. As recognition for our financial status and credibility we have continuously been ranked as “AAA” by the global credit institute “D&G” which represent the top 4% of all registered companies.