Safety First

Safety is always the first priority for us; safety of clients and workers. Safety must never be compromised. It is part of quality workmanship, and the mark of true professionals.

Safety at site

In our business, safety and health cannot simply be words on paper or activities merely driven by regulations. The safety, health, and well-being of our employees, our customers, and all those who come in contact with our work is the first consideration. It remains a primary cornerstone of the overall business strategy and expectations throughout the company.

Safety of clients

Bygging-Uddemann has a history of financial solidity and was recently recognized as one of the 30 most successful companies in Sweden.

Constant support and leadership by our management team, along with the dedication and desire of all employees to eliminate injuries and accidents, have made safety and health a shared value throughout the entire organization.

As recognition for our financial status and credibility we have continuously been ranked as “AAA” by the global credit institute “D&B” which represent the top 4% of all registered companies.