How we work

Bygging-Uddemann is as well-known for its philosophy as for its technology. We have a reputation of being able to make large projects run smoothly both on a human and practical level.

We pride ourselves on being international, well-informed and humble.

We are quick to adapt to the unique conditions of every project and every culture. Our supervisors are multi-lingual and work closely with our customers through every stage of every project. We train local personnel during assembly, operation and dismantling of our equipment. And we listen because we believe that every project has 150 stories to tell.

At Bygging-Uddemann it all makes sense.

We have sold, rented and subcontracted our sophisticated systems for vertical and conical slipform work, for medium, heavy and super-heavy lifting/lowering/transfer operations, for prefabricated bridge building and for steel tank erection/extension/ repair work to contractors in more than 100 countries. Many of the world’s most successful contractors have utilised our services and systems for remarkable achievements in the construction field.

We have maintained our independence and integrity ever since the start, giving our customers the best possible service based on 50 years of experience with extensive feedback from the field. Our intention is to assist the principal contractors on the construction market.

Different geographical areas

Our organisation with its group companies in different geographical areas enables us to work closely with our customers while drawing strength from the Group’s resources.

Economical resources

Our economical resources as well as our technical capacity enable us to participate as a supplier or subcontractor in any project.


Our company has many years experience of co-operation with project and design engineering firms, contractors and steel construction companies as well as building ministries and other public construction authorities.

Bygging-Uddemann AB is the mother of almost all the modern slipform technology existing today and companies in about 30 countries have been working under licence from Bygging-Uddemann for slipform and heavy lifting/transfer technology.