Project Update: Preheater, Airvault

In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, a massive CO2-reducing upgrade is underway for Ciments Calcias (Heidelberg Materials) Airvault cement plant. We have delivered technology and expertise for the construction of the preheater tower – the factory’s new eye-catcher. Last week, the slipform reached its peak position, 97.7 meters above the ground.

The building has a challenging geometry supported by four corner columns, with reducing thickness, connected by concrete beams in 7 levels. The span of the beams is between 14 and 19 metres. The entire geometry has been cast using our heavy duty slipform system in a continuous process, interrupted for short periods during the installation of supports for casting of the beams.
The project is carried out together with Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG and Vinci Construction.

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