Background History

Bygging Uddemann AB was formed 1980 by the merging of the two Swedish companies AB Bygging and Uddemann Byggteknik AB in order to utilize maximum capacities out of the mutual experiences.

AB Bygging was founded 1942 in Stockholm, Sweden, and in 1944 the company invented the hydraulic slipform jack and developed the concept of centrally controlled hydraulic slipform. After development on the home market the first slipform equipment was delivered abroad in 1947.

Uddemann Byggteknik AB was founded in 1955 in Stockholm. During the first decade Uddemann made themselves known to the construction industry for good design and quality equipment for special heavy-duty scaffolding and formwork. As a development of the activity Uddemann supplied slipform and heavy lifting in 1965 with design and technical service.

Finally, in 1980, after years of strong competition on the world market, the two companies merged into Bygging-Uddemann AB, and has since then maintained its independence and integrity as theworld leader in the slipforming and heavy lifting/launching field.