Traditional Slipform

Bygging-Uddemann has been set up for the marketing of one of the most advanced slipforming equipment and technology.

We’re using our traditional slipform system to perform silo plants, water-towers, high-rise buildings, cores, chimneys, bridge piers, television towers, industrial power plants, caissons, tapered towers, chimneys and control towers.

Presented equipment is considered to be our standard of products. We develop these products continuously but we always make sure they are compatible with older versions.

It’s from these products we originate when we perform all kinds of construction applications.

The company supplies two systems for slipforming. In the most common system, hydraulic jacks of 30 or 60 kN capcity are used. This system is preferable for simple slipforming projects such as silos or water towers.

The second system is a combination of the slipforming and heavy lifting systems and is used where beams, tower, cranes or similar are lifted together with the slipform. This system which uses jacks of 120 and 220 kN capacity is advantageous for complicated industrial buildings, tall tapered chimneys, etc.