Skidding and Load-Out Equipment

Bygging-Uddemann has been set up for the marketing of one of the most advanced slipforming equipment and technology.

Our skidding method for horizontal transfer of heavy structures is based on a combination of heavy lifting with hydraulic jacks and skidding technique, using the latest within low friction plastics and epoxy treated sliding surfaces.

The strenghts of our method are simplicity and durability. Simplicity comes with the system’s ability to easily change the lifting/moving capacity by only connecting or removing complete 250 ton capacity units (IP-CCV units). Durability has been obtained by minimising the numbers of moving parts and use low friction skidding technique instead traditional bearings. We have now experienced over 1000 successful skidding operations with transfer loads ranging from 3000 ton up to 6000 ton. The Bygging-Uddemann Transfer System consist of a number of standard units. Please find some of them listed below. Click on the “read more” button for more information.

Transfer system assembly

Typical set-up for caisson transfer.


Lifting Capacity: 250 Tons
Full Lifting Stroke: 150 mm
Pushing Capacity: 25 Tons
Full Pushing Stroke: 500 mm
Weight: 830 Kgs
Measurements L/H/W: 1 215/595/630
An IP-CCV (Induvidual Pushing Caisson Carrier Vehicle) can support and carry a heavy structure. Each IP-CCV can lift 250 tons and carry its load along a therefore designed transfer lane.
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Pump Vehicle

The Pump Vehicle consists of a control panel and two sets of power packs, one for lifting and one for pushing operations.

Linear rod jack moving equipment

The LRJME is used instead of traditional winches to move the IP-CCV units between the different steps.

LRJME power pack

The LRJME power pack feeds the LRJME unit with engine and oil. This enables easier handling and usage.

Connection carriage

The connection carriage is positioned in front of the IP-CCV row. It distributes oil from the pump vehicle to the IP-CCV units.