Bridge launching

We have carried out bridge launching operations in Sweden and globally for over 50 years.

Incremental bridge launching method

The incremental bridge launching method involves building an entire bridge deck from only one abutment of the bridge. The launching method performs a step-by-step procedure and different sections of the bridge are assembled by pushing the structure outwards from an abutment towards the pier. For these operations, we usually use our T-15 strand jacks.

The incremental bridge launching method is efficient and convenient.

  • It enables rapid construction.
  • It uses less space with its superstructure assembly.
  • It causes minimal disturbance to surroundings including environmentally sensitive areas.
  • It provides increased worker safety since erection work is conducted at a lower elevation.
  • It can be used for bridge decks with lengths greater than 250m.

Some examples of typical bridge
launching projects.

Nakdong bridge, Korea

Launching of steel bridge sections.
Mass: 50 x 700 tons
Equipment: 4 Nos IP-CCV:s per section

Savonlinna, Finland

Incremental launching of steel superstructure crossing lake Savonlinna.
Mass: 1850 ton
Equipment: 10 nos strand jacks T15-S18
Length: 350 m

Trästa bridge, Sweden

Equipment: 4 nos strand jacks T15-S18

Hedesunda bridge, Sweden

Equipment: 4 nos strand jacks T15-S18