Strand Climber

Heavy Lifting System (on strands) – Hydraulic heavy lift climbers climbing on PC-strands.

Our strand system T15 is meant to be used as a lifting-, pulling and lowering device for temporary mobile use on building sites, repair- and installation work within the industry and similar sites where there is a need for a flexible, easily object-adaptable equipment.

The system is made for the work load 12 ton per unit at hanging load, 15 ton per unit at horizontal pulling respectively 6 ton per unit at hanging work platform. The units can be linked together through a universal hydraulic system to handle very heavy loads.

The equipment is in accordance with 89/392 EEG.

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T-151-1 Strand climber

T15-S-18 Climber

Capacity: 12 Tons
Length of Stroke: 200 mm
Jack Rod Diameter: –
Dyformed PC-strand: Dia 18 mm