Conical Slipform

Bygging-Uddemann has been set up for the marketing of one of the most advanced slipforming equipment and technology.

Conical slipforming allows us to build tapered and conical reinforced concrete structures whose cross-section and wall thickness varies continuously along the height of the building.

Today, we can build structures up to 250 – 300 meters in height.

The technique foresees that the vertical yoke legs are connected to a horizontal running, flexible jointed pair of yoke beams in order to form the so called yoke frame. The adaption of the formwork to the the changing geometry of the structure is afforded by means of hydraulic spindles/turnbuckles.

Typical tower dimensions:

Maximun (Bottom) Diameter:
Approx. 40.0m
Minimum (Top) Diameter:
Approx. 2.0m
-300 meter
Wall thickness:
Approx. 20-130cm

Estimated constr. schedule:

Assembly of one slipform set-up:
3,0 weeks > 1,5 weeks
Slipform of 100m (sliding):
4 weeks > 3 weeks
2 weeks > 0,5 weeks