Bygging-Uddemann awarded slipform- & skidding contract for MOG2 Energy Island Project, Belgium

TM Edison (DEME DREDGING NV, DEME INFRA NV and JAN DE NUL NV) has awarded Bygging-Uddemann to be the supplier of slipform- and skidding system for the MOG2 Energy Island Project in the North Sea.

Source: Royal Haskoning DHV
Source: Royal Haskoning DHV

“This project really marks the beginning of a new era for Bygging-Uddemann. Projects within the offshore wind industry is the future and has the potential to become our single most important market for many years to come.

We have worked hard the last two decades to establish Bygging-Uddemann as the world leader in large scale serial production of concrete structures for marine works, and with this project we start a new chapter, completely in line with our new green profile and climate ambitions – to become an established supplier also within the offshore wind industry!

We really look forward to starting this prestigious project together with TM Edison – let’s build the first energy island in the world together!” (Henrik Magnusson, CEO Bygging-Uddemann)

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MOG 2 Project facts:
Number of caissons : 23 nos
Caisson weight : ~20 000 ton
BYUM scope of supply : Heavy-duty Slipform + IP-CCV Skidding System
Construction period: 2024-2025

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