Strand Jack Lifting is Useful for Erecting Large Material

Engineering and construction go hand in hand and are closely knit for the whole project to run smoothly and be successful. With huge structures the main thing is to be able to lift huge material in weight as well as height. At Bygging-Uddemann, this technique has been mastered with the help of the using jacks to lift the whole structure up. The process of strand jack lifting when looked at practically is very simple but it is still a thing that requires a process so that it can be done without any hassles. With the help of the jacks, thousands of tons can be lifted in a single attempt once the multiple jacks are fixed to them. This is a popular form of technique which is used for erecting bridges as well power station, offshore structures and alike.

Most of the times where strand jack lifting the strand jacks are used horizontally for pulling huge structures and make them erect for that it can form a vertical structure. Thus, a strand jack is a hollow hydraulic cylinder with the set of cables which are the “strands.” Bygging-Uddemann have an experience of many decades in successfully completing big projects such as bridge launching. When these strands pass through the open centre of the clamps the one mounted to end of the cylinder helps in lifting the structure.

Once the jacks are in place they act just like how a caterpillar’s walk does and thus the ascending and descending nature of the along with the pin point precision in practical use helps in making sure the structure is erect properly. The main thing to look at the time of strand jack lifting is that the rate at which the contraction and then expansion can be done at any speed and even be paused in between.

With this process the large pre-fabricated buildings and arenas can be lifted with care and placed with super precision. This is also a much cheaper option than to do this in situ which takes more time and is dangerous. Bygging-Uddemann are based in Sweden but because of their vast experience in this field they have completed such projects all over the world and gained popularity. From refineries to power station to major buildings, they have used this technique in successfully completing the project in the given deadline.

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