Essential equipment required for heavy lifting construction

As the name suggests heavy lifting is often used for construction of tall buildings and large formworks. This construction method requires equipment which is designed for the specific purpose such as being able to lift the weight which is several tonnes. There are many factors that contribute to making a project successful. Expertise on this is as important as the equipment being used. Following equipment is essential for the heavy lifting process to be carried out smoothly.


Today’s heavy-lifting tools box is has been a result of technology that has evolved over the years. Some of the well-known heavy load lifting equipment suppliers such as Bygging-Uddeman have been on top because of the changes they have made to the equipment over the years. Crawlers are from the family of crane but they have a lattice boom which can be tracked as per the requirements. The main advantage of having these is that one can move it around the site and perform the lifting work.

Boom trucks

Trucks can be very effective when it comes to construction that involves heavy lifting. These trucks are different to normal ones because they have cranes installed in them. One can track the units as well use the crane to load or unload the items. Any experienced lifting equipment supplier should have these in different sizes available to them.

Lifting beams

These have been around since a long time and play an important past when it comes to heavy load lifting equipment. Such hooks have the ability to provide creative solutions which can move heavy loads in tricks places. With counter-weights at one end, the other hook can be used to place something that is very heavy without any fuss. A lifting equipment supplier such as Bygging-Uddemann could be the answer to anyone trying to find such equipment.

Strand Jacks

Very often, strand jacks play an important part in construction because they can be placed atop of towers and by using hydraulic power, bulky loads can be used to move for smaller distances such as millimetres. One can use them for post tensioning pull as well as sideways moving of heavy objects. Many heavy load lifting equipment suppliers will have strand jacks which come in different sizes, types and can be used according to the requirement of the project.


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