The Basic Concept of Caissons and its Advantages

Construction is a process where technology is combined with expertise. Today there are a number of new techniques and automated machines to aid the construction. In spite of that, the process requires precise handling of the equipment. For taller structures like towers, it becomes important to make it stable and strong. With increase in height, the difficulty of construction also increases. It is even more challenging if the structure is to be built under water.

In case of bridges, there are pillars and horizontal formwork. The pillars support the horizontal frame of a bridge. For this purpose, these pillars need to be built in the water. That means, their foundations are under water. To bear the weight of a huge bridge, the pillars need to be adequately strong which in turn means, the foundations must be strong. This is the case with any structure, the foundation of which is under water.

Caissons are a boon for such structures. They are pit like structures dug through the earth under water. They perform following two main tasks:

  1. Workspace: If it is a water tight whole dug under water, it makes space for the construction work. It prevents infiltration of the water. Hence, the work space remains dry. The workers can perform the task of laying foundation, without any interference of water. This type is also called pneumatic.
  1. Foundation: They can also be used as foundations for structures which are built in the water. Like, in case of bridges or dams. The holes dug by driller may be filled with concrete which creates a sturdy and sustainable foundation. There are three types of such foundations; box, excavated and open.

There are certain advantages of using this technique. Caissons are adaptable for different working conditions. So, they can be used for any kind of construction. They are sturdy in nature, hence, provide good support to heavy structures. As compared to traditional foundations, these are cheaper. They also have less vibration as compared to traditional foundations.

At Bygging-Uddemann, caisson launching is also performed. A box like structure with cavities is prefabricated and carried to the site of construction. It is better to hire professional company, since it provides experts who can construct it and place it with precision.

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