A Guide to Using a Gantry System

The construction industry is all about lifting, moving and placing heavy materials & equipment in the right place. In this constant rush of processes and too many people involved, one equipment that is widely used by most construction companies is a gantry system.

This system serves multiple uses, which are constantly increasing. Construction company owners are trying to improve the quality of their services and using this system is affecting their service quality to a large extent.

One of the strong characteristics of this equipment is that it can be used by numerous industries to carry different kinds of procedures. Listed below are some of the industries where gantry systems are used the most.

Industries Using Gantry System

Depending on the type of process to be carried out, there are certain fields where gantry systems are used extensively. These domains are:


Warehouses that store any kind of material irrespective of the industry do require lifting and moving of objects. In such cases, these systems come to the rescue. Instead of using multiple equipment for transportation of goods, it is best to use this system as it is suitable for lifting even the heaviest of materials and objects.

Ship Building

Ship building is a process that requires lifting heavy materials/parts, be it at any stage of construction. As a result, gantry systems are one of the major equipment that could be used in the process of constructing a ship from scratch. The engines and other metal parts that play a major role in making a ship complete can be easily moved and placed on the right spot with the help of gantry systems.

Construction Sites

Construction locations are all about heavy materials, goods, and equipment. Though there is a lot of human strength involved in carrying out construction processes, there are some tasks that can not be carried out by a human, this is where the gantry slipform method for caissons comes into play.

Automobile Industry

The automobile industry involves the manufacturing of multiple vehicles simultaneously. In such cases, using gantry systems is the most ideal option to choose from. Along with that, the precision that these systems offer is one of the main reasons why they are most preferred in the automobile industry.

Manufacturing Units

Manufacturing any kind of product requires the usage of different kinds of equipment. One such equipment that is the most used in manufacturing units is the gantry systems. These systems make the process of moving different parts and elements of a product much faster and easier.

List of Gantry Slipform Safety Tips

All types of machines are safe until and unless people follow the required instructions. The same is the case with gantry systems. The following mentioned are the top tips that workers should follow while making use of a gantry system.

  • Maintaining the system
  • Keeping a close check on the hook of the system
  • Testing the system before use
  • Allowing only trained professionals to use the system

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