All About Heavy Equipment Used on Construction Sites

Construction sites portray the use of a range of equipment. The number of processes involved in building a structure are many hence the equipment and devices used to achieve the end result are also multiple in numbers. 

A market research conducted by Technavio reported, the global construction machinery market size is forecast to grow by $47.65 billion from 2019 to 2023. 

Amongst the lot of equipment used by construction companies, heavy equipment are one of the most important tools on the site. Since constructing a structure is all about arranging, rearranging and moving heavy loads, using this category of equipment is essential.

What kind of lifting equipment is required in construction?

The process of lifting in the field of construction is one of the most common procedures. The industry demands continuous lifting, moving and arranging different materials and loads. When companies require lifting of extremely heavy loads like vehicles, hydraulic lift is one of the equipment that they prefer. Besides this, having different kinds of options to suit the requirements and budget is one factor that most companies look out for. There is no generalization of lifting equipment. There are some equipment and devices that serve completely different purposes and some that serve similar purposes. 

Some of the equipment that are categorised under lifting equipment are:

  1. Telehandlers
  2. Hook lifts
  3. Cranes
  4. Mechanical lifts
  5. Dump trucks
  6. Excavators   

What is a hydraulic lift?

Hydraulic lift is a heavy lifting equipment that uses hydraulic force to pick loads and objects. This equipment is considered to be extremely useful when it comes to lifting heavy loads like heavy machinery, cars, trucks etc.   

This heavy lifting equipment works on the basic principle of using a certain kind of force created due the pressure exerted on the liquid available inside a piston. 

What makes a hydraulic lift system so powerful? 

Hydraulic lifts have some peculiar characteristics that make it stand apart from all other equipment used in the construction. Some of the most powerful factors of this equipment are as follows. 


This type of lift machine for construction, is the most preferred by most companies since its functionality is way different than others. The way it operates, the result it delivers is not only different but better than other equipment. 


Most construction equipment work on electricity. Hence, there is always a risk of power failure. But with hydraulic lifts the risk involved in this is dissolved. In cases of the power getting cut, it stops at the nearest stop, thus keeping the workers and structure built safe and secure. 


Hydraulic equipment lift is also known for its speed. Considering the way it operates, the reliability it provides, its speed is something that most companies choose it for. This equipment gets things done faster and offers the desired results.

There are a number of companies that offer heavy equipment, but if you are looking for quality and reliability, contact us today! Get in touch with us if you have any other questions. 


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