5 benefits of Bygging-Uddemann’s Hydraulic Heavy Lifting Equipment

Building a structure requires an assortment of different equipment and machinery to make the construction process both safe and efficient. The amount of effort required to construct a building or a bridge is huge. While there is a plethora of different heavy lifting equipment to choose from, not all are fit for all types of construction projects and heavy loads. And seeing as these types of machinery and equipment are usually very expensive and require specific knowledge to operate, a company simply can’t justify the cost of keeping several different types of heavy lifting equipment in their possession.

But, we at Bygging-Uddemann have pretty much solved this issue. Our hydraulic heavy lifting equipment systems are suitable for practically all kinds of heavy loads whose placing or removal requires a high degree of precision. 

In this article, we’ll explain the 5 benefits of using Bygging-Uddemanns hydraulic heavy lifting equipment in construction.


1. Simplified tasks

Construction projects often require multiple activities to be conducted simultaneously, and at a fast pace to meet deadlines. It leaves little to no room for mistakes or delays. Hydraulic heavy lifting equipment trivializes many of the processes, demanding less manpower, is easier to operate, and completes processes faster. 


2. Safer – More comfortable

Construction work is often long and tedious with countless hours of lifting and carrying materials back and forth. Bygging-Uddemanns heavy lifting equipment in construction allows for a much safer and more comfortable work environment where the lifting and carrying won’t take its toll on the workers, making it both simpler and faster.


3. Cost-efficient

As mentioned before, heavy lifting machines and equipment are expensive investments. But they are also necessary investments for a construction company to make to be able to provide a high-quality service. Hydraulic heavy lifting equipment not only allows a company to perform practically all types of projects and lifting of heavy loads, but the longevity of Bygging-Uddemanns equipment is also worth the investment alone.


4. Material damage prevention

Expanding upon #3, hydraulic heavy lifting equipment is also designed to minimize the risk of damaging the materials, thus, saving money on having to replace damaged materials. Besides preventing damaging materials, it also reduces the risk while servicing and repairing existing constructions.


5. Minimizing the space required

Unlike other heavy lifting equipment such as cranes, hydraulic lifting equipment requires minimal space to operate. They are very compact, making them easy to carry and fit in restricted areas. Due to their size advantage, it can be put to use in situations where other equipment won’t fit.


Buy and rent hydraulic heavy lifting equipment from Bygging-Uddemann

We offer hydraulic heavy lifting equipment for both hire and sale. It’s capable of handling extremely heavy loads and is perfect for all kinds of heavy lifting projects. We have many years’ experience of co-operation with project and design engineering firms, contractors and steel construction companies as well as building ministries and other public construction authorities.

Companies in more than 30 countries have been working under license from Bygging-Uddemann for heavy lifting/transfer operations. Contact us today for more information.

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