What is a roof lift?

A roof lift is exactly as it sounds, the process of lifting an existing roof and replacing it with a new, usually larger and higher, roof to create more roof space. A raised roof presents a multitude of both economical and logical benefits for your property regardless if you’re a factory owner, head of a construction company, or a homeowner.


Benefits of a roof lift

A raised roof provides all of the following benefits:

  • The fastest and cheapest way to create more roof space
  • A safe way to remove internal cross beams to opening up the space
  • Strengthened roof structure
  • The roof is re-felted and tiled, meaning old/cracked/damaged tiles are replaced


Process of a roof lift

1. Removing the old roof

The process of lifting a roof gets more complex the bigger it is as well as what and how many systems it’s connected to, such as chimneys or ventilation systems. The existing roof will be stripped back where internal elements such as insulation, guttering, roof tiles, and slats are removed. Existing plumbing, chimneys, and electrics will also be removed and re-implemented with the new roof. 

2. Creating the new roof

For residential and smaller commercial buildings, the roof structure is typically built on-site. However, in larger buildings, such as office towers, apartment complexes, bridges, and aircraft hangars, the roof is designed and built off-site and installed using roof lift or roof raise systems utilising different machinery such as hydraulic climbers.

A roof lift is a viable alternative for smaller buildings or houses requiring a fast and efficient way to install a new roof structure to create more headspace, creating additional storage or living space.

3. Installing the new roof

Depending on the building, the installation of the new roof will vary in complexity. Normal houses often only require a crane and a team of professionals who guide the new roof into position. It’s secured with felt and slats in order to ensure it’s safe and watertight and ready for tiling.

The installation of large structures, however, is an extremely skill-intensive process, requiring specialised roof-raising systems. There’s only a handful of companies capable of providing such service – Bygging-Uddemann is one of them.


Contact Bygging-Uddemann to raise your roof

At Bygging-Uddemann, we take great pride in our ability to perform roof lifts using our own specially manufactured units designed and constructed by our heaving lifting section. For example, the T15-S-18 hydraulic climber

Our hydraulic climber is capable of lifting structures weighing hundreds of tons. They can (and have) previously been used to build dams and offshore drilling platforms, a testament to their performance. 

Want to learn more about the capabilities of hydraulic climbers and how they can be utilized as a roof-raising system? Contact Bygging-Uddemann today.

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