5 things to consider when looking for steel tank manufacturers

From oil refineries to manufacturing plants, a high-quality steel cistern is a vital need for a lot of industries around the world. But how do you know which one of the many steel tank manufacturers to pick?

In this blog, we’ll go over the five crowns of quality steel cistern/tank construction to help you find the best steel tank manufacturers and explain why it will always be us – Bygging-Uddemann.


1. Tank design

The first and foremost indicator is the steel tank manufacturers investments in high-quality design and engineering. Quality begins when the pen hits the paper where a qualified engineer designs the tank according to code, jurisdiction requirements, and more importantly, your needs.

2. Experience

One of the most important, if not the most important, factor is experience. Does the manufacturer have a long track record of building steel cisterns that you require? Then they might be the perfect choice for you. For example, if you need multiple accumulator tanks, make sure the contractor actually has some experience building that exact tank.

3. Processes

Next is the factor of qualified processes. A steel tank manufacturer needs to continuously refine and improve upon their processes to ensure both a quick and safe construction process resulting in a high-quality steel cistern/tank.

4. Personnel

“A tool is only as good as its user”. Equally important, if not more so, to having well-established processes is the crew. It doesn’t matter how well thought out the processes are, or how expensive and good the tools they use, unless they actually know how to apply them properly.

5. Quality assurance

Inspections are crucial to maintaining a dependable tank construction as they confirm that the steel tank manufacturers follow the qualified processes. Why is it important? Mostly due to the factor of “human error”. “To err is human”, and regardless of how many times the manufacturer has constructed a tank of similar design and size, having a quality assurance process implemented is essential to ensure the quality of the tank.


Looking for a steel tank manufacturer? Pick Bygging-Uddemann

If you’re currently sifting through the hordes of steel tank manufacturers out there, you can now stop, you’ve found “the one” – Bygging-Uddemann. We’ve served clients in nearly every industry and have constructed a wide variety of steel cisterns/tanks such as accumulator tanks, storage silors, oil tanks and more. Check out our previous steel tank projects.

We fulfill all of the above requirements with a well-educated crew with a long experience, industry leading steel tank construction methods, a robust quality assurance control process, and the latest tools, technology, and gear. If you need to construct or move a steel tank/cistern, contact Bygging-Uddemann today.

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