Development of Heavy Duty Slipform System

Our Heavy Duty Slipform System is developed to be extra rigid and at the same time very time efficient for repeated dismantling and re-assembly works.
This system allows for large cast-in items, as the distance between yokes are up to 3,5m, instead of more common 1,5-2m distance. The heavy duty yokes, with clearance of 1100mm for horizontal installation of rebar, provides a very efficient and convenient workplace for concrete and reinforcement workers.
The Heavy Duty Slipform set-up uses our strongest slipform jack, the R72 (22-ton jack) which can be positioned almost anywhere due to a very strong upper deck structure which supports the complete slipform. Instead of having to position one (or two) jack(s) at each yoke position, as with traditional slipform set-up.

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