How Important Is Caisson Launching?

Construction of structures such as bridges over a river or any water body for that matter are complicated and require extreme precision and technique. Construction has always been a very technical field and thus the requirement for an experienced company which can pull off major projects is always there. The technique used for building bridges over a water body is very specific. Building Caissons is one of the ways to ensure there is seamless construction which can be done under water. This technique is the key which helps in pumping out the water and keeping the environment around the formwork dry.

Caissons launching is thus one of the most important aspects when building a bridge over a waterbody. There are few ways one can go about doing it, and it depends on the how large the structure is and what the requirements are. This is where a professional company which has an experience in building and bridge launching can come in handy. One such company in Sweden is Bygging-Uddemann who have built their own comprehensive method which can help in transferring the system between construction stations.

One of the main things that the technique applied by them is that they successfully transfer the prefabricated caisson slabs from the station into the gantry. As with anything in construction, this needs to be done with great precision and accuracy and this is what an experienced company can offer. Once this is done, the transfer of the caissons from the gantry to the floating dock is done during the onshore and offshore passage.

Bygging-Uddemann AB can be considered as one of the most experienced companies when it comes to all things in construction such as raising formwork. With the help of the slip form technology which they have been using for many decades, they have gathered a lot of quality experience in this field. With such abundance of experience one can rely on a company which has designed comprehensive systems which can not only make the construction work easier but it can also contribute in making quality work in lesser time. When it comes to raising formwork for tall vertical structures one of the key things is making sure the foundation on which a tall structure is raised is strong and can handle the pressure. One can trust a reputed company which has been in this business for a long time to complete major projects successfully and within the deadline.


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