Different types of equipment for heavy lifting

It is a common fact that construction sites make use of a wide variety of construction machines, which make the construction job easy, safe and quicker. Among these construction machines, one of the most important and most commonly used types is heavy lifting machines.

Hoisting and lifting involves special considerations, such as lift radius, machine capacity and ground conditions. Over the years, operator assisting devices have been added to these machines, making them easy to control. Heavy lifting equipment has evolved in size as well. Today’s equipment is capable of enormous lifts with a relatively easy movement.

Mentioned below is a lift of various types of equipment used for lifting and hoisting heavy goods that can prove very useless at construction sites:


The forklift or lift truck is a powered industrial truck used for heavy lifting and transporting materials and goods. These trucks are available in many variation and load capacities. A typical forklift trucks have a load capacity between one to five tons. However, larger machines, which have up to 50 tons lift capacity are used for lifting heavier loads. These trucks can be powered by either by diesel, gasoline, propane or battery electric. There are different attachments that can be used on this truck to increase its functionality.


A crane uses one or more simple machines to create a mechanical advantage that enables the crane to carry heavy loads and materials. Hence, cranes are commonly found in the transport industry for the loading and unloading of freight and in the construction industry for the movement of heavy materials. Cranes exist in a number of varieties and forms and each are tailor-made for a specific use. Not only do these cranes vary in their uses, they vary in sizes as well, the smallest being used inside workshops to the tallest tower cranes being used for construction high buildings.


A telescopic handler or a telehandler, is similar in appearance to a forklift, however, its uses resemble a crane more. It has an increased versatility due to a single telescopic boom that can extend forward and upward from the vehicle. One the end of the boom, the operator can attach several attachments like bucket, forks or even a lift table. The most common attachment used for a telehandler is pallet forks. These pallet forks help to move loads to and from places that are unreachable for a conventional forklift.

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