Safety Measures when Using Heavy Lifting Equipment

Heavy lifting equipment have a variety of uses, especially at construction sites. Improper use of heavy equipment has been the cause of quite a few fatalities and accidents over a period of time. According to data collected by NIOSH NTOF, in the time period of 1980-1989, machine related injuries were second only to injuries caused by motor vehicles as the leading cause of occupational injury fatalities. Machine-related injuries accounted for 14% of all deaths (, UNDERSTAND NEED FOR HEAVY MACHINERY SAFETY, 2016).

When working with heavy equipment it is important to follow proper safety procedures. Despite the knowledge that the equipment can cause injuries, safety precautions can often be lax. Listed below are some tips to ensure heavy equipment is being used safely.

Equipment Maintenance

It is important to check the equipment regularly to ensure that it is well maintained. A thorough inspection should be done every year at the very least. If used to transport people, the equipment should be inspected every six months. Ensure that all the equipment is tested and certified by proper regulatory bodies.

Proper Training

All professionals using the equipment should be properly trained to ensure not only their own safety but also of others at the site. Heavy lifting equipment can be very technical and often requires the operators to have specialized training.

Load Capacity

All heavy lifting machines have load limits. It is imperative that the load that the machine is lifting does not exceed these set limits. For example if a chain-sling has a load limit of 15 tons, loading it with 20 tons of weight is only creating a recipe for potential disaster.

Constant Communication

Operators who are using the equipment to transfer heavy structure should be constantly communicating with the people on-site. It may be advisable to have two-way radios present with workers for communication. If this is not possible then employing a spotter who can signal to the other workers is advisable. This ensures that people can move out of hazard zones.

It is important that all employees be trained about the safety precautions to follow. Ensure that employees are aware and alert. It is essential to recognize any blind spots. Workers should wear high-visibility clothing and proper footwear. Ensure that employees follow all safety checks to reduce the possibility of accidents. The most important precaution is to buy proper, safe equipment. If you are looking for standardized quality heavy lifting and jacking equipment suppliers, then Bygging-Uddemann is one suchmanufacturer.

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