A guide about cistern repair

A cistern is a large receptacle for storing and holding liquids. The construction of a cistern often has the purpose of trapping and storing rainwater until it is needed. They are also used to store other liquids such as oil. It is a complex construction which regularly needs to be serviced or repaired to guarantee its functionality.

In this article we’ll go over the ins and outs of cistern repair and explain how we at Bygging Uddemann can make sure your cistern is always up to standard.

How are cisterns used? 

The water collected in cisterns is generally used for two purposes: domestic use and consumption.

  • Domestic

For example, you can use the water to flush toilets, watering gardens and washing cars. Using rainwater to perform these functions can reduce the costs of delivering potable water from traditional supply systems (i.e., ordinary tap water).

  • Consumption

Cisterns can also work as a container storing rainwater for consumption. This application is appropriate in areas with no constant supply of potable water, such as rural agricultural areas.

The importance of cistern repair

Emissions from leaking cisterns containing oil and other dangerous liquids can cause significant damage to soil, water, animals, and plants for a long time to come. The damage is difficult to fix and can be very costly for the person who caused the spill. Therefore, it’s vital to control and repair the cistern when necessary to protect soil and water from contamination.

It’s just as important to make sure that a building water cistern is fully functional. Without it, the inhabitants of for example an apartment building won’t be able to shower or effectively cook food. The water from fire water sprinklers are also usually connected to a cistern, meaning that if a fire breaks out, the system won’t be able to put it out.

How is a cistern repaired?

A concrete cistern repair may be needed if it is leaking or not working correctly.

As one of the leading steel tank manufacturers in the industry, Bygging-Uddemann has the knowledge to repair a variety of tanks. We also provide maintenance and modification services to extend the life and use of your cistern.

Cistern repair and modifications include but are not limited to:

  • Replacement of the base of an old concrete cistern (or a cistern constructed out of other materials)
  • Reinforcement of the cistern’s foundation
  • Correctness of cisterns that tilt as a result of uneven settling
  • Increment of the storage capacity of an existing steel cistern.
  • The movement of steel cisterns horizontally for longer or shorter distances.

Let Bygging-Uddemann help you repair your cistern

Are you unsure what to do or where to start?

Contact Bygging-Uddemann and let our experienced professionals consult with you to find a solution for your particular need. Whether it’s a maintenance problem, a matter regarding modifications services, or questions about repairing your cistern, let us do the heavy lifting. We offer services and repair for cisterns of various designs and sizes, so get the peace of mind you deserve from the proven industry experts.

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