Article about the Tortue Hub-project

The French news site “AC presse” writes about the Tortue Hub project where our slipform system and skidding equipment is used to produce the caissons.

“Mauritania – Senegal: The Grand Defender of the Grand Tortue – Part # 1

The Grand Tortue – Ahmeyim terminal is located in the high seas, 10 km from the Mauritanian and Senegalese coasts.

Grand Tortue – Ahmeyim… This is not the name of a new species of cellons or tortoises, but the construction of a high-speed gas terminal. Operated by BP, Kosmos, Petrosen and SMHPM, this port is located on the separate border of the Senegalese of Mauritania, some 10 km from the coast, in the Atlantic Ocean. The first stage of its realization is the installation of a breakwater wall of 1 150 m.

This port was created to allow the operation of the Grand Tortue-Ahmeyim gas field. At the premiere, the supply of supplies. Second, the prefabrication of reinforced concrete caissons. The entire construction is entrusted to the Eiffage Civil Engineering – Saipem group, as part of a design, supply, construction and installation contract.”

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